Why E-Whiteboards?

Imagine this— you’re giving a presentation to a customer, trying your absolute hardest to sell them your product. You know what you have is revolutionary and innovative, and no one else in the world can possibly even come close to offering what you have. You get to your fifth PowerPoint slide, and you’re feeling confident.
You couldn’t possibly imagine how anyone could be anything but hooked by this point. Then you hear a sigh.

You look at the executives sitting around the table, and they’re beginning to slump in their chairs. One of them is tapping their pen against their coffee cup. Another one has their arms folded, and they take long blinks that seem to last a lifetime.

“What happened?” you wonder to yourself. But you know what happened— you bored them half to sleep.

Revolutionary and Affordable

Frankie’s E-Whiteboards are a much cheaper alternative to expensive animated videos. While the industry standard sits around $2,500 for a 30 second presentation with limited input from customers, Cloud Advantage will completely personalize your video without wreaking havoc on your budget.
Frankie's E-Whiteboard package:
  • 2 - 4 minute video (that's a lot more than 30 seconds!)
  • 2 hours of planning and review sessions
  • 3 rounds of edits
  • Simple drawings
  • Illustrated graphs and charts
  • Up to 10 slides
  • Completion within 7-14 days
  • Real text
  • Sound effects, music, and voice-over options available*
  • A money-back guarantee! Please click here for terms and conditions.
*Additional charges for licensing may apply for copyrighted music
*Additional charges may also apply for longer videos, rush jobs, or add-ons

                                        All for the low cost of $1,800!