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Our story...

Once upon a time...

Circa 2008, "A" was an independent messaging consultant who lived in Connecticut and worked in New York City. She had been working hard and enthusiastically for about 12 years implementing and addressing e-mail problems around Microsoft Exchange and other messaging technologies. Her favorite projects were very large and complicated e-mail migrations. She spent a couple of years bouncing around Wall Street doing exciting e-mail implementations and projects. Although an independent consultant for 12 years, she was rarely out of work and would sometimes play the lead messaging engineer and architect for two or three e-mail projects at a time. Part of the reason for her unusual success was hard work and ambition, but it was also due to her upbeat, helpful and engaging personality. "A" was successful and well known in the NYC messaging space, but something was missing…

In 2009, "A" became friendly with a well known NYC staff augment sales director named "G" who loved to laugh and to network with people. "G" and "A" worked together for a while on a couple of different projects and remained friends.

"G" was also friendly with a colleague named "E". "E" was a smart CTO, highly dedicated to his work and well known as a successful leader for high profile, complicated consulting projects. "E" was also noted for his positive outlook and great sense of humor. He lived and worked in Atlanta, Georgia.

For months, "G" recommended "A" and "E" call or reach out to each other even though they lived 1,000 miles apart. "G" would say, "You two should work together…" After several months of pestering, on a Friday when "A" was feeling disappointed about a project's politics, "A" called "E"… and explained to "E" that "G" "recommended I call you and we talk about doing projects together". "E" was excited to hear from "A" and said, "If "G" recommended that we talk, you are important to me. Please send me all your information so that we stay in touch". They chatted and laughed for a few minutes, then got off the phone as "E" had to run to "put out a fire".

A year or so passed and "A" and "E" didn't stay in touch like they said they would. Out of the blue and unplanned about two years later, they found themselves working together from different ends trying to land a small piece of business, but they didn't have time to talk directly.

About a year after, on July 1, 2012, "E" was leading an unusual, wildly troubled, large and high profile project. He researched how to get in touch with "A" and reached out for help, but "A" was already doing a massive juggling act and was regularly turning away a couple of projects a week because she didn't have time to handle all the work. "A" tried to find a colleague who could help "E" but no one was available who had the skills and wanted to address a risky project as "E" had described. "E" waited a day and called "A" again in the evening. He explained the unusually complicated nature of the project (a remarkable design and scale that had never been implemented before). "A" realized that "E" and his project really needed help. She decided to take a look at the technical environment and help to advise for a couple of hours to try to help "E" and his project to get back on track.

"A" found that the e-mail environment was unstable and unable to withstand the volume anticipated. For the next couple of days, "A" and "E" worked long distance and long hours passing diagrams and design documents back and forth through the holiday weekend. After a few days, they redesigned the environment, stabilized the servers and put it on track for future success.

In the process of redesigning the unstable environment, "A" and "E" realized that they worked great together, especially with creative projects and high stress situations. And when the technical problems seemed grim, they always kept their sense of humor and emerged with positive results. For the next couple of years, they continued to work together solving problems and helping customers every day through many technical crises.

In January, 2014, "A" and "E" decided to start the new year with an innovative endeavor together… An exciting undertaking around new e-mail migrations and projects, often cloud-based. They named this business Cloud Advantage.